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我公司主要业务:国际航空运输,国际快递,国际海运,代理DHL, UPS, TNT,联邦快递、EMS等渠道,深圳国际机场航空公司、香港航空公司为基础,和航空公司在航空公司的密切合作和高效的机场,港口排序和调度能力,提高运输的优势。


我们是DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx, HKEMS和EMS渠道在香港的代理。为客户提供高折扣的货运折扣和完善的货运跟踪查询服务,让您随时了解您的货运情况。感谢您对我们公司的信任,并以优良的服务质量。






My company's main business: international air transport, international express, international shipping, agent DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx, EMS and other channels, to shenzhen international airport airlines, Hong Kong airlines as the basis, and airlines in close cooperation with the airlines and efficient airport, port sorting and dispatching capacity to enhance the advantages of transport.
Over the years, we have been committed to providing international cargo transportation solutions for domestic importers and exporters. With years of business and rich international logistics knowledge. We also have established long-term and stable cooperative relationship with freight forwarders all over the world. Open a number of domestic and foreign freight special lines. To implement international special lines for sorting, insuring, customs declaration, dispatching, transportation, customs clearance and delivery. It has realized the cost-effective control of timeliness and security. Tailor-made logistics solutions. Fully protect the customer's transport cost, timeliness and safety. By the majority of customers trust and support. Innovation based on customer value of enterprise core competitiveness building model
The only correct definition of the purpose of enterprise existence is to create customers. Only by satisfying consumers' various desires and needs, can society give enterprises the resources to create wealth. How to maximize and effectively transform resources into customer value will be the basis for an enterprise to build its core competitiveness. Therefore, the technical elements that constitute the core competitiveness of an enterprise should be organically integrated within the enterprise and its management system, and integrated with its organizational culture.




Business scope:

International express: international air express service was started by three American college students in 1969. It has a history of 40 years. The aviation express service is favored by the business, financial, trade, transportation and government departments for its safe and fast transportation, so it develops rapidly all over the world. At present, the express service has reached more than 95% countries and regions in the five continents of the world. In the United States, Western Europe, Japan and other developed countries, its growth rate is more rapid.
We are the agent of DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx, HKEMS and EMS channels in Hong Kong. To provide customer service with high discount freight discount and perfect freight tracking query service, let you know your freight transport situation at any time. Thank you for your trust in our company with excellent service quality.






International air transport: cheng jue use Hong Kong, guangzhou, shenzhen, zhuhai and Macao five big airport international flights populated advantages, seize the good opportunity of the China's accession to the WTO logistics industry vigorous development, with the help of southern China developed highway network, equipped with safe and fast trucking, play the free trade port of Hong Kong and shenzhen bonded area and other aspects of the policy advantages, vigorously develop the big pearl river delta air freight logistics service. In recent years, based in the greater pearl river delta region, chengjue air transport continues to expand to all parts of the country, with the help of efficient road transport network and chengjue professional customs clearance ability, chengjue is able to provide domestic and foreign manufacturers and importers with good logistics services. Chengjue international freight is a bridge for domestic enterprises to the world, but also a shortcut for foreign goods into China, chengjue provides you with a number of comprehensive quality air transport services.
Air export: chengjue air provides direct flights and transshipment services to dozens of international well-known airlines in Hong Kong, shenzhen, guangzhou and other airports, and has established close cooperative relations with more than a dozen well-known airlines, which can obtain ideal negotiated freight rates on the premise of ensuring shipping space. At the same time, we will cooperate with our counterparts in Hong Kong, and offer our own packaging services to airlines with sufficient cargo to reduce operating costs.
Air import: through chengjue international agent network, customers can enjoy air import services from all over the world. For the import of ordinary direct air cargo, chengjue can direct overseas agents to arrange goods from abroad to major cities in China according to the needs of customers. For air import need to transfer, or is the air cargo import customs clearance formalities trival, cheng jue generally recommend Hong Kong transfer, use of CEPA and bonded area all kinds of preferential policies, flexible select multiple port customs clearance, and many ways to ensure smooth delivery in a timely manner import air cargo to all parts of the country, save time and cost for the customer.



International shipping: relying on the five world famous ports of Hong Kong, shenzhen, guangzhou, Shanghai and ningbo, chengjue shipping maintains business contacts with more than ten international shipping companies and maintains contract freight rate agreements with many shipping companies. Through the e-commerce cooperation with a number of shipowners, electronic shipping space booking and cargo tracking can be realized online, from the shipping date inquiry, space booking, confirmation, preallocation, bill of lading and other links can be realized online. Through advanced e-commerce technology and a wide range of agreed freight rates, we are able to provide customers with a variety of shipowner options and flexible schedules.
Container (FCL) : use of Hong Kong, shenzhen, guangzhou, Shanghai, ningbo five international port liner populated advantage, trailer equipped with inland and Hong Kong trailer and barge shuttle service, no matter how urgent shipment requirement, cheng jue are able to provide customers with flexible and varied choices, including different port of shipment, such as chiwan, yantian, huangpu, Hong Kong; Different shipping companies, such as APL, OOCL, MSC, COSCO and so on; Different closing periods, from Monday to Sunday.
LCL: we cooperate with many large logistics companies to provide LCL services from shenzhen, Hong Kong and guangzhou to the world's major ports and inland points. According to the needs of customers and the degree of ease of customs clearance of goods, combined with the specific operational differences of shenzhen, Hong Kong and guangzhou customs, chengyue freight flexibly arranges the transport and customs clearance of LCL goods, so as to ensure customers can safely deliver the goods to the destination at a more economical cost.
Sea transport import: chengjue international freight can provide import sea transport service for domestic importers through its relatively perfect foreign agency network. According to customer requirements, arrange container transportation at the port of departure, and provide FCL delivery, unpacking and distribution, customs declaration and inspection, land and air transportation and other services at the domestic destination port.
Bulk cargo transport: chengjue international freight co., LTD. Cooperates with many shipowners at home and abroad, acting as chartering agent, providing bulk cargo ocean transport services from China to various parts of the world.
Sea transport supporting services: chengjide freight gives full play to its professional customs clearance advantages, to provide customers with the dock yard reserved empty container, trailer, commodity inspection, customs clearance one-stop service. As long as you tell us your needs and leave the rest to us, you can keep track of the circulation of goods at any time, stay out of the complicated logistics and better focus on the international market -- this is the value chengjue international shipping creates for you.

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    • 与MSC/says /CMA/EMC/MSK/OC/CSCL/ANL/HPL/HJ等多家货运公司签订了合同。门到门/DDP/DDU等是我们的优势,制冷剂和危险品运输是我们的专长。 修改翻译结果
    • 积极从事外贸货代运输有限公司
    • 多年来,公司一直积极从事国际物流、国际快递、外贸综合服务,涵盖国际货运代理、口岸通关、国内运输、跨境电子商务进出口、贸易配送、退税结算、融资及信用保险等模块。
      • 一家提供跨境贸易全链条一站式解决方案的企业集团。
      • 可为企业提供全方位全链条解决方案的综合性跨境电商服务商。
      • 主营国际航空、国际海运、国际快递业务,运费低、专业、安全、高效,为客户提供优质的现代国际物流服务。国际航空货运与北京、上海、深圳、广州、香港等国内各大航空公司紧密合作,安全快捷地抵达全球900多个机场,确保您的贸易和出口运输需求。国际货运业务到上海、宁波、青岛、深圳、广州等国内港口订仓报关,
    • 专业铁路拼箱运输
    • 拼箱及拼箱进口、拼箱出口货运服务,适用于15吨以下或45CBM以下的货运量,14~22天可达欧洲各地,支持欧洲43 **及国内各地区的门到门提货配送服务。拼箱服务可以有效地满足小批量、多批次、快节奏的新外贸需求,如补货待售、新产品抢占市场等。


    1. 一般贸易报关可根据您的不同需求。如香港进口商品、红酒、家用产品、电子元器件、机械产品等不同类型的产品,为您提供不同的运输方案。安全、价格合理、通关能力强。你真正需要的是我真正做的。开通-我公司拥有国内物流专线、深圳至义乌物流快运、深圳至广西物流快运、深圳至厦门海运专线、深圳至湖南专线、深圳至上海专线。老化快,服务好
    2. 国际货代航空运输
    3. 与北美多家航空公司直接签约,包括新加坡航空(sia)、中华航空(台湾)、国泰航空(香港)、阿联酋航空(EK)、泰国航空(TG)、文莱航空(BI)、美国航空(AA)、UPS等。西欧、印度、巴基斯坦航线销售业绩超过100万吨,在香港、深圳、广州、上海、北京等地经营较多。作为香港六家航空运输银行之一,国际航空运输协会(IATA)世界航空协会(world aviation association)会员和世界货运联盟(world cargo alliance) WCA会员,我们的运力不容置疑,我们实力雄厚
      1. 全球货代海运业务运输
      2. 优势航线主要分布在我国主要港口。并出口到日本、韩国、东南亚、印度和巴基斯坦、中东、美国、非洲等充满活力和潜力的新兴市场。我们有自己的仓库,深圳力邦仓库,可以解决外运仓库或其他码头监管仓库的排队问题。因此,利邦仓库所收的所有货物,或我们自己送货上门,均不收取仓库租金和预约费用。我们真正提供一站式的安全管理随叫随到服务。
      3. 公司在全球主要机场/海港城市均设有代理网络。公司在市区拥有自己的仓库,专业从事通过香港、广州、深圳、上海、宁波、天津、厦门、青岛等港口进出口货物的物流和单证工作。
    4. 拖车报关货代海运联系电话:18826441634
    5. 代理的香港/大陆DHL国际快递服务,快捷、安全、可靠,全程跟踪。将文件和小物品发送到世界各地有价格优势。西欧、美国部分地区、东南亚(日本、韩国、马来西亚、新加坡、泰国、菲律宾)**货物清关能力大,价格合理。
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